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Member Examples

We find the most effective way to explain the Spoke360 service is to demonstrate how our members have benefited from it. Below is a range of examples illustrating how we have helped save our members time and money.



Car: Bentley Flying Spur

Service: Bodywork Repairs

Antonio’s Bentley was scratched across the bonnet and front wing whilst being cleaned by a hotel valeter. A client manager from Spoke360 went to his home to asses the damage, then contacted several service providers for quotes. Due to our relationship with Jack Barclay Bentley, we managed to negotiate a 20% discount on the overall price of the repairs. Antonio’s client manager arranged for the car to be collected and the work to be carried out to the highest possible standard. Checks were then completed before the car was delivered back and the client manager took care of all related correspondence and paperwork on Antonio’s behalf.

Time saved: 5 hours

Money saved: £1,350




Car: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 S

Service: Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

At Charles’ request, we visited and checked the wheels on his Porsche whilst he was at work. Three out of the four wheels were cosmetically damaged due to curbing. Instead of taking it back to the Porsche main dealership, we delivered the car direct to a well renowned specialist to have the wheels refurbished. Due to Spoke360’s relationship with the service provider we saved nearly 50% on the main dealer prices. We returned the car within 36 hours, the wheels looking as good as new.

Time saved: 3 hours

Money saved: £145




Car: VW Polo

Service: Tyre Fitting

Louisa was put in touch with us after she had been quoted a ridiculous price by a local garage to replace all four of her tyres. Louisa had only visited the garage for a repair to a single tyre puncture, but by the time she had left, the garage had almost convinced her that all four of her tyre treads were illegal and must be replaced (at hugely inflated prices!). Luckily, Louisa had contacted us in time for us to collect and check the car. All four tyre treads were actually legal and had at least another 6 months before needing to be replaced. All that needed doing was a single puncture repair, which was carried out before we returned the car back to Louisa’s home.

Time saved: 2 hours

Money saved: £375




Car: Mercedes E Class Estate

Service: Ongoing General Management

Gary has a classic Mercedes for his daily car which needs more tender loving care than most! He is a perfectionist and maintains his car to an exacting standard but does not have the time to do it himself. We keep spare keys for his car and take it for tinkering whenever it is required!

Time saved: 1 hour on average per month




Car: VW Polo

Service: Recovery and Bodywork

A lorry had driven past Amanda’s parked car, scraping the full length of the driver’s side. Unfortunately the driver did not stop, so Amanda was left to pay for the damage. She initially took the car and left it with VW to provide a quote for the work. When Amanda contacted the VW dealership, not only did they quote several thousands of pounds for the work but had sent the car, without permission, to a 3rd party body shop in North London. When Amanda told VW she did not want to carry out the work they said she had to pay an astronomical ‘storage’ fee to the body shop to recover her car. That’s when Amanda contacted Spoke360. We were able to step in, provide quotes and arrange for the car to be collected without paying the ‘storage’ fee. We then arranged for the repairs to be carried out at a massively reduced price and were able to return the car to Amanda in excellent condition.

Time saved: 7 hours

Money saved: £2700




Car: Ferrari 360, Ferrari 550 and Audi RS6

Service: Storage (regular collection and delivery)

Max is a true petrol-head and owns a small collection of cars. We store the cars for him at discounted rates and deliver them to his door whenever he fancies a blast. Whilst the cars are in storage, we ensure they are properly maintained and serviced, ready to go whenever required.

Time saved: 1 hour each collection and delivery

Money saved: £50+ per month compared to similar storage facilities




Car: BMW 320 Tourer

Service: Car Sourcing

Matilda has been a long term client of Spoke360. When she decided it was time to sell her VW Polo (known as Lumo) and exchange it for something bigger, we were there to manage the whole process for her. Following an in-depth consultation with Matilda we came to the conclusion that a BMW 3 Series Tourer would suit her requirement perfectly. David carried out an extensive search of the market, using mainstream sites and market contacts, to find the perfect car. He put together a shortlist of available cars and arranged all the necessary inspections and test drives. When the front runner was identified, David negotiated a trade deal with significant savings for Matilda. We then arranged collection from Birmingham and delivered the car valeted and with a full tank of fuel.

Time saved: 12 hours

Money saved: £480



Car: Audi A3 2. TDI

Service:  Sales Preparation – Bodywork, valet, tyre replacement and Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

In order to get the best possible price for his car, Geordie needed to carry out various sales preparations. He quickly discovered that he would need to visit several different service providers, as no one provider could carry out all four services, and all were quoting very high prices. He neither wanted to pay the inflated amounts quoted, nor had he the time to do all the running around. So instead, Spoke360 provided quotes, collected his car and carried out all the negotiations and leg work on his behalf. All work was checked before his car was returned, ready for sale. Geordie didn’t have to do a thing, except call us.

Time saved: 8 hours

Money saved: £885


Edward Smallwood

Car: Audi Q5

Service: Mechanical Repairs

Edward is a long standing client of ours. We took his Q5 to an Audi dealership for a service, during which they discovered an imminent turbo failure. Due to our relationship with Audi we managed to negotiate the majority of the cost of the replacement turbo under goodwill.

Time saved: 3 hours

Money saved: £1,400



Mike Page

Car: Mercedes SL55 AMG

Service: International Recovery

Mike was introduced to us by another one of our members with whom he was on a driving holiday with in Northern Italy. Unfortunately, whilst on the trip, Mike’s Mercedes broke down just as he urgently had to return to the States, leaving his car stranded near Lake Como. A couple of weeks had past before we were put in touch and the Italian garage’s storage costs were rapidly growing! However, within 2 days of contacting us we had a man on a plane to collect his Mercedes and drive it back to his London home. We now manage Mike’s car, ensuring that it is always ready for his regular trips back to the UK.

Time saved: 40 hours